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A Review Of Dishonored

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I cannot give this game enough praise to be quite honest. I’m writing this as the credits roll by on my HDTV and the only thing that I’m thinking of is sequels and how Bethesda can make them and in which direction the gaming studio can take them. With over 50 awards from E3 and other outlets this game is no joke. You wont want to miss this review but you should be warned of spoilers ahead and information detailing how Bethesda is going to turn this game into a massive franchise comparable to Bioshock. I’ll break it down for you piece by piece so sit back in your chair prepare to be woo’ed.

Lets start with the Single Player campaign shall we? The campaign is where this game is fully at with the story, characters, mystery, and grunge of the city of Dunwall. The Empire of Dunwall is experiencing a massive attack of bubonic plague started and increased by the rat infestation in the empire. You are Corvo, the empress’s Lord Protector, a man destined to protect the empress and her daughter Emily but helplessly fails at the job when assassins aided with magic come to kill your charge. They abduct Emily and you are framed for the murder and suddenly caught up in a much darker, larger, mysterious conspiracy and event that only plagues onward and onward. Given magic of your own by the demon like Outsider you are a man out for vengeance and quite possibly more…

Ever putting you into darkness Dishonored is a very dark and grungy game that puts you in the shit right away. I was overwhelmed at the story line and how deep and dark it got. Everything you did mattered in some way and in some function; how you killed someone, how events unfolded, and the decisions you made along the way. The characters had a lot of personality and and even the AI that sponsored your enemies we’re smart and able to adapt and overcome a lot of challenges. I had to return to previous saves many times because the AI did something different and nailed me for it; with that said save often and whenever you do something important. The story line is dark and very grungy. You have to deal with all sorts of elements from hostile empire take overs, to street gangs, to the zombie like plague carriers, to the creepiest characters bent on the paranormal. This game has it all and I wont give it away but Granny Rags is one hell of a scary character. All in all the city was very well designed and while it wasn’t huge it was still comparable to many free roam games out on the market. The places you roamed we’re eloquent and full of wonders and everything you found had a use; very similar to bioshock. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed this game so much since my favorite game for the Xbox is bioshock. I found the single player campaign to be addicted and I spent hours playing it to satisfaction. The most interesting part may or may not be the alternate endings that you can unlock with different actions. Opening the door for so much more. In fact I think the ending I found will be the the ending that continues the game and it’s not the default ending. I wont say it but I’ll let you figure it out on your own.

What I did not like about the single player was the head bobbing. It’s in the settings but even if you take it to it’s lowest end you wont turn it off. It makes it so say you pan your screen left. It wont stop going left and if you take your finger off the trigger it’ll just continue to spin without any stopping point. This took a lot of getting used to and was the most painful when trying to focus in to grab items. Another thing was the painfully slow load times to load the game. When you died it would take a minute or two to get you back in the game…you don’t want that and it frustrates you. I did find one glitch however it didn’t bother me too much. When throwing a body under a stair way the body went through the stair way…and if you are like me and trying to hide said body…it immediately alerts those enemies you we’re sneaking around from. Other than these few items I did not have any real problems and I thoroughly enjoyed the game play.

Now like most games like this and on this caliber there is no multiplayer. I am very glad about that to be honest. While I’m sure they could put a multiplayer in it I believe it would detract from the game itself. This game is complete and does not need multiplayer function. If they had done a multiplayer I suspect it would have been like the very pathetic attempts the creators of Assassins Creed put into theirs; theirs sucked badly. These are not multiplayer games and I do not feel multiplayer would have served Bethesda or the Gamer anymore. So with that said we will take out the rating for multiplayer in this review since there is no multiplayer to review.

Digging deeper into gaming elements just shows how games are involving and how the big budgets of the cinema are crossing into the gaming world. Audio wise this game is astounding. The deep and dark music that accompanies it is fitting and plays a pivotal role. Even now with the home screen looping on my TV the music is just really cool and not annoying at all to let loop while I write this. The sounds are fitting as well and some of them are quite creepy…the rat swarms for example. You know they are coming by the game sounds. The weepers as well…you might be down in the sewers and here a moan or cough…and from there on you know to switch your weapons to deal with the zombie like weeper. The characters have clear voices that match with their personalities and everything flowed really well. What I’ve linked to above is the awesome song I was listening to when I started this review as the credits rolled by and is the only song in the game with lyrics.

Now when it comes to Graphics I have to give a real hand to Bethesda here. They did an amazing job. The building are beautifully sculpted and the city is just so original. From the dark abandoned buildings to the bright and graceful buildings of the Regent you can just see everything is designed so carefully. Each and every zone has it’s own persona and every part of it served it’s purpose. My only regret was that we we’re not allowed to visit any other areas. We’re in an empire…and yet we never see outside of the capital districts of the city of Dunwall. It felt like a lot was missing in that regard.


In conclusion I really enjoyed this game and it might be one of the few that I start over and play again. This time perhaps on Extra Hard (being an experienced gamer I started on Hard mode). I would certainly recommend it to my friends and anyone who asks about it because I feel it just deserves so much. The pricing is on average with other games in the Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam markets so no gripes there. I also cannot wait for the DLC’s and the inevitable sequels. Yes…I said sequels! Pet Hines, the markets director of Bethesda has already stated to the public that Dishonored exceeded every expectation Bethesda had and is most certainly going to be made into a franchise – and franchises mean sequels. I can easily see myself playing as Corvo again in the future, discovering more of the Outsider, and wading through the ashes of a collapsed Empire as it tries to evolve into a new society. In fact I just cannot wait for it.



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      I agree. I really liked Dishonored too. I thought it was a great job is not the best game out of 2012 in total. It was great!