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Far Cry 3: Review

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It seems, the Far Cry series has been around since the beginning of time – and it nearly has! Far Cry was first published in 2004, and has since been an extremely successful franchise. Its hay-day (aside from 3), in my opinion, was the very revolutionary Far Cry Instincts  Evolution. The game (and the whole series, rather) brought to the gaming world, the very first “sandbox” first-person-shooter supporting a gaming engine, and graphics capability that could compete-even bypass most other games at the time.

As may have picked up already, I have been a fan of the Far Cry series for a long time; and they sure did not disappoint with Far Cry 3! The game consists of everything a free-lance gamer could love: Large map, good selection of weapons, good story line, interactive world, smooth game play, usable transportation, and much MUCH more.


The Campaign in Far Cry 3 is close to perfect. The open world game play accompanies a good balance of mission-based objectives, along with the “free” feeling of a sandbox game. Once you finish a mission, you can take a break & earn some extra skill points by liberating a few outposts, or take on some of Far Cry’s big game on a hunting trip. Along with this, hides from game, and harvested plants can be used to create essential pieces of equipment throughout the game-Hides create goods such as bandoliers, wallets, and haversacks; while plants/leaves create different recipes of syringes that can be used for healing, and gaining a boost for fighting, or hunting.

The world is also filled with a plethora of accessible vehicles, including; Cars, Jeeps, Technicals, ATV’s, Jet-skis, hand gliders, and boats-along with a great selections of weapons, like; Assault Rifles, SMG’s, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, a Recurve bow, Flamethrowers, Grenade Launchers, C4, and much more, that can be used to get around the island, and to gain an immediate upper hand in battle. Also, if you purchase the game from Walmart, you receive an exclusive sniper rifle, and camo (the Remington M-700, Predator edition).  This does nothing but create, yet another sense of kick-assery to the game. One of the things sandbox game have, that a regular game does not, is the freedom it gives you through the entire gaming experience. Other game titles such as Call of Duty, have stuck to their same old system of closed off maps, and fast paced gameplay. Far Cry, however, has designed the gameplay to cater to the gamer; YOU. You have the power to pick what you do when, and HOW you do it… something most other titles will never achieve to the extent that the Far Cry series has mastered.

Now what do I not like about Far Cry 3? Not much, but I’ll tell you anyway.  Although the negatives are few, and far between, they are annoying, and quite frankly, can piss a person off. The first, is the lack of ammo you receive when you purchase/equip a new weapon. For example, the M-700 sniper is only equipped with 10 rounds of ammunition-and the worst part is that to buy another 10 rounds, is going to cost you $90 at any store. That is ALOT, especially when you are trying to save up for something bigger, and better.

The second thing is kinda small, but still a pain. When you receive a new mission, it seems you cannot find the icon on the map to mark your way point. The maker looks like an explanation point with a splash under it, however, it is so small, and contrasts so well with the background, you can pull your hair out just trying to find it… something that’s funny, is that there have been people searching Google for the locations of these points… you just have to look really close. :p

Other than that, there is nearly nothing to complain about. They have fixed the annoying bugs of Far Cry 2, while keeping the innovative gameplay, and have incorporated features that I hope to see in the future as Far Cry.

 Conclusion: The smooth game play, coupled with a strong story line, and HUGE player maneuverability throughout all aspects of the campaign make for a truly enjoyable, and unique gaming experience that I can recommend to anyone & everyone looking into buying Far Cry 3. 


Ok, now this is a first for me. I have never played multiplayer on any Far Cry game before ’3′, so this is a clean slated review.

One of my first impressions that I received when playing multiplayer, is that it reminds me of a mix between Battlefield, and Call of Duty. The graphics, and realistic schematics of Battlefield, meets the smaller map choice of Call of Duty – an interesting contrast from the campaign. This, along with the common game types of both (Domination, and TDM are included, as well as firestorm, and user-created maps) does make for an interesting-and ultimately unique gaming experience that only Far Cry 3 can deliver. The gameplay is fairly smooth, however, it was not as good as the campaign in my opinion. However, the game does beat Call of Duty in multiplayer, hands down. What I really like about Far Cry’s multiplayer though, are  features, such as the ability to revive other players & pick the fate of a player of the losing team at the end. Easter eggs, I believe, are one of the greatest part of any game; and Far Cry has no shortage.

By far my favorite part of Multiplayer in Far Cry 3, is the “load out” menu. Here, you can accessible your weapons, and add optics, equipment, specializations, and much more… you can even pick your Battle Cry-which gives your team a boost of morale, and performance; Yet again, another GREAT feature that is part of any of the gaming greats!

Conclusion: I was very impressed with the Multiplayer in Far Cry, especially the implementation of the Loadout options & the popular game types. I would not buy this game exclusively for multiplayer-however, it is a nice change of pace from the rest of the main stream online games.

Enjoyability “fun” rating: Solid 10 ~ This is no doubt the best first person shooter of the year, and with the open styled gameplay, Far Cry 3 has many more ways to keep you intrigued than the typical “run & gun” FPS.

This game just might replace a few of my regulars – COD being the obvious one. This is one of the better first person shooters I have ever experienced. Excellent campaign that keeps you in suspense, and a Multiplayer that accommodates many different types of gamers. The folks at Ubisoft sure do have a winner here, and I hope that they continue to put out more Far Cry games, as well as other games that support an open-based game play.

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      Editors Note: This is the last review using the 10 star format. From now on all games are reviewed out of 5 stars.