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Gears of War 4 Preview! Travel Back In Time!

Gears of War fans across the world rejoice because we’ve got some hot sneak previews of Gears of War 4: Judgement! You thought it was done, I thought it was done, and how we’re we wrong with and ended like Gears of War 3 sported. It was done and that game left no openings for a continuation at all. So how to you continue a franchise that has come to a grinding halt? You go back in time of course to the very beginning where the chainsaw met the machine gun…err…..where the……before the damn war. Gears seems to be reviving but in what direction are going?

So are we back in the hot seat with Marcus and Dom? Hell no. We’ve got ourselves a familiar main character who just was never all that main. In the new game you play as Baird. The brainy (yet still quite brawny) techno warrior who fights on Dom’s team. He sports a robot that can do all sorts of thing. We’re going back to E-Day and the time when the Locus first appeared before humanity to see how that forced the world into new thoughts and brought about the future (that we’ve already played).

The premise of the game is set after all the events have happened. Baird is in a military tribunal and listening to former friends and squad mates snitch about his actions. We play the story as he reflects on each event. It feels almost like a chapter system because after you complete each event you always return back to the tribunal to start the next one. It’s just one story leading into another story.

But don’t let you decieve you to think it’ll be boring. It’ll be far away from that scale. Think of the possibilities. Instead of old and decaying building that are remnants of human civilization under siege…you’ll be playing in areas that are evacuated rather abandoned. People are shocked to see the Locust emerge and this is their reaction. So you can imagine everything is all helter skelter.

There’s going to be new guns, new characters, new enemies and more. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to try it out. A lot of the big sites are already getting demos…but us down here in the small leagues are still pitting with the gamer consumers. We’ll get to that status soon enough. Here’s a good video I dug up for you to accompany this article. Remember Gears 4 comes out March 19, 2013!


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