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Occulus Will Change Gaming Forever

Rightfully Dead here with a really cool tech news update in the world of gaming. Recently a kickstarter project came out of nowhere and completely took the gaming world by it’s ear. Developers we’re amazed and intrigued and new doors are opening. The Occulus is what this tech marvel is called and it’s the future of gaming – where you no longer watch a game and play on a screen. You, the gamer, are in the game. Everything reacts to you and you see everything like you are actually in the environment. It’s an entirely new concept in the world of 3D virtual reality and it’s coming to the consumers soon. I can’t say much on it that the the Occulus demonstration video does not tell and I don’t think it would be right to take that exciting presentation away from you. So I’m going to embed the video below and collect reaction.

My reaction however is tremendous. I was wowed at the concept and how far it’s gotten. I was amazed by the corporate studio backing and review which tells me this is not just another concept. This is a future. This could be integrated technology in upcoming Xbox and PlayStation consoles and we could gaming in an entirely new way. I feel so geeky because I though…wow I can minecraft like a boss now. Who thinks like that? Think of Call of Duty and Battlefield multiplayer where you have to turn your actual head to see an enemy rushing you. Halo where you need to look up to take out a flying spacecraft. Doom where a monster could be around any corner. Just think of the doors this opens! The developer kit is only $300. As Between Gaming grows I’ll see if we can’t raise the money to review this amazing project but until then we’ll just wait and drool with the rest of you gaming addicts.

Without further ado…here is the video. I also included a spoiler for Hawken because it is shipping Occulus ready (even though it’s unclear when Occulus will be ready for consumers). Check it out and comment below. I want to know what you think of this. What doors are you waiting to open up??


Oculus Rift, Update #6: Hawken in Virtual Reality! from Oculus VR on Vimeo.

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    • porter

      Interesting! We really do live in the future – the Internet is already in nearly every home in the West, 3-D printing is reaching consumer affordability, and now true virtual reality helmets. Pretty impressive. I wonder when these will be released – I can’t wait to demo one.

      (I have to say, though, to the author – edit your stuff before you post. “e could gaming in an entirely new way”? Really? You lose credibility when you can’t write using something resembling English grammar. Even blogs need good sentence structure. If English isn’t your first language, I’ll apologize for being harsh, but you still need to invest in an editor.)